I speak life into you soul,
Your dark, hardened soul,
You may look healthy on the outside,
But within you are hurt from the world,
I see nothing but shattered pieces,
Shattered dreams,
Anguish desires, and no hope beams,
Bright like a beacon,
With a dim light,
You often think that things will never go right,
But I must say, you are a child of God,
And He wouldn’t put more than you can bear,
He love you so much,
That He have away His son to die for us,
So we can have everlasting life,
I stand before you now as a agent of Christ,
I humbly ask that for you to trust in Him,
For He is God,
And for those who read this,
Considered yourself blessed,
Because you have took the time,
And read this message,
I want to share my blessing with you…


About 4reedasoul

I'm a college student and I love to write. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and one of my hobbies.
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