Bitter Sweet

Who are you?
You claim to be the one,
But you’re never going to be good as Kobe or LeBron,
No where near as the boss status like the Don,
I pray that you get your act right before your life is gone,
Sad but true,
Keep walking on this path,
You will lose more than your tooth,
You might get shot like Ab Lincoln chilling in his booth,
Or like JFK,
More like MLK or Malcolm X,
Because of your skin tone,
You are married to the game,
But it is a bad relationship,
It is a terrible syndrome,
You want to know the bitter truth?
The life you live is leading to your death,
Then YOLO is your motto,
Your soul is not well kept,
Have you forgotten what lies ahead,
When you die?
Hell awaits,
And you expect to live long?
You life expectancy is > 25
So you may die in a young age,
Tell me if I’m wrong,
I lost some close ones because of this game,
Once you die, your existence will disappear,
Your body, your hood, and even your name,
Didn’t like the truth?
It was meant to be bitter, not sweet.


About 4reedasoul

I'm a college student and I love to write. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and one of my hobbies.
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