I see you, but you can’t see me,
I say hi, but you look right through me,
I tried to fit in within the crowd, but it feels like I don’t exist,
Amongst the presence, I’m nothing more but a ghost,
You act like I’m never here,
Misunderstood, my mind is driven
to the edge,
searching for peace in mind,
but my heart still aches,
because nobody took the time to understand or how much did it takes,
to be like you, and you, and you!!
Yet, I still feel like I’m forgotten…
also misunderstood,
I feel like I’ve wasted my time,
So I should disappear into the void,
and live with the other forgotten ones who traveled on this path,
I’m no longer here…..


About 4reedasoul

I'm a college student and I love to write. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and one of my hobbies.
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