My Passion

"Someon to share my passion with"My Passion

My Passion burns

as I write on this paper

in my book of rhytum and love

she calms my soul as she speaks

“her” love for me had touched me deep

as I fall asleep

she is always in my dreams


touching me in ways I never felt before

and then I wake, frustrated

But she inspires me to stay true to my work

keeping it clean, but never do dirt

If she’s a drink, then I’m fully intoxicated,

because thats how I feel about “her”

She is my passion, my inspiration

to write about world that revolves around me,

and the dreams that will soon come to be,

she is my missing link,

the one person whose part of me,

and she makes me whole, completes my universe,

she’s my sunshine and my moonlight,

Every day and every night,

My passion for her runs deep

My intimacy plus the passion makes our love more romantic

and add commitment,

making a Consummate Love

It’s at the point that I just can’t live without “her”

I have to hear “her” voice before my day starts,

I’m near the phone whenever it’s “her” cloudy day,

and “her” rain drops,

Yeah, I’m in love with my passion,

And my passion is “her”


About 4reedasoul

I'm a college student and I love to write. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and one of my hobbies.
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