My Name Is…

My name is…hope

Hoping that life will get better

but as I wish for the good,  life just gets worse

so much troubles in the world, I feel the peoples agony and it hurts

As I believe in God

Hope will forever be a my asset

I can speak it so well, it became part of my accent

You hear the country swagg when I speak

but I use the words of will and hope

to encourage the broken hearted and the weep

and fix the broken dreams

of each individual as I speak

Let the power of hope guide you, as it had guide me.

My name is…love

love is the greatest thing for all

but it can also be bitter

because people misinterpret the word

often misused and unguided as a slang term

People also believe that love is just a kiss which leads into a sexual intercourse

but love is deeper than that

love is a relation between 2 individuals

whose seen each other through their own visuals

and understand each other mentally and spiritually

One have a dream, while the other turns it into a reality

living under the same roof and sharing the only one true “God”

as God reveals and combine the two as one

without the other half, he or she will feel completely undone,

for those whose in love, please be advised

that love can last forever

as long you’ve been faithful and belive that God is love

and then you and your spouse can be like the “man” from above.

My name is…strength

My strength comes from the Lord

because He has provided me a shield and a sword

undergoing His training has increased my instinct

and my whereabouts, my skills will never turn into extinct

steadily polishing my skills

because someday I might make my 1st kill

as long I keep faith in God

no weapon form against me shall prosper

As I keep my head up and I’m walking tall

I see my enemies tremble and I watch them fall.

My name is something that is worth keeping,

something I struggle for and keep on believing

no matter how much hell I have to endure

God inpires me, pushes me to get the weight up

and triumphed like a champion

yes, I’m already turnt up

No need to block me

because I’m ready, I’m set, and I’m about to go,

what is my name?

My name is……..”Soul”



About 4reedasoul

I'm a college student and I love to write. Poetry is my favorite form of writing and one of my hobbies.
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