I speak life into you soul,
Your dark, hardened soul,
You may look healthy on the outside,
But within you are hurt from the world,
I see nothing but shattered pieces,
Shattered dreams,
Anguish desires, and no hope beams,
Bright like a beacon,
With a dim light,
You often think that things will never go right,
But I must say, you are a child of God,
And He wouldn’t put more than you can bear,
He love you so much,
That He have away His son to die for us,
So we can have everlasting life,
I stand before you now as a agent of Christ,
I humbly ask that for you to trust in Him,
For He is God,
And for those who read this,
Considered yourself blessed,
Because you have took the time,
And read this message,
I want to share my blessing with you…

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Bitter Sweet

Who are you?
You claim to be the one,
But you’re never going to be good as Kobe or LeBron,
No where near as the boss status like the Don,
I pray that you get your act right before your life is gone,
Sad but true,
Keep walking on this path,
You will lose more than your tooth,
You might get shot like Ab Lincoln chilling in his booth,
Or like JFK,
More like MLK or Malcolm X,
Because of your skin tone,
You are married to the game,
But it is a bad relationship,
It is a terrible syndrome,
You want to know the bitter truth?
The life you live is leading to your death,
Then YOLO is your motto,
Your soul is not well kept,
Have you forgotten what lies ahead,
When you die?
Hell awaits,
And you expect to live long?
You life expectancy is > 25
So you may die in a young age,
Tell me if I’m wrong,
I lost some close ones because of this game,
Once you die, your existence will disappear,
Your body, your hood, and even your name,
Didn’t like the truth?
It was meant to be bitter, not sweet.

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Dear whoever who read this,
I can sense something great is about to reign,
To end the corruption,
And misconceptions,
My dreams have shown me the path,
The correct destination,
Without hesitation,
I will lead as you follow,
I am not a pastor nor an leader,
I’m just a dreamer,
A believer, a man who weep,
For the fallen ones,
Who could’ve be the next “chosen ones”,
As I share with you,
Spread the sweet news to those who want to hear,
As well to those who show fear,
He is coming soon….

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Country Boy vs. The City pt.1

I was born within the city,
But raised in the country,
Manuel labor work on farms gave me the identity of a country boy,
My southern mannerism can out best anyone in the South,
As country I sound,
My knowledge met no bounds,
It was a different ball game when I moved into the city,
So many different norms,
All new community,
It wasn’t easy to fit in,
Some see a country boy,
And automatically began to go in,
Not friendly, more hostility,
They judge on the way I talk and the way I dress,
I never cared to dress to impress,
I only dress on Sunday’s cuz that’s the Lord’s day,
I was only 7 years old when I first experience racism, discrimination,
And hate,
It bothers me when other black’s talk about each other,
Because I’m not from the same “hood” as them,
Nor I’m not his brother,
The city is a weird place man….

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I’m one of those who was not forgiven,
For the past of misdeeds and mischief,
And to the hurt and heart broken,
I’ve ended being blessed with a false token,
And karma played its role,
With a side of guilt and shame,
Yet I still or so called praised His name,
I’m still the only fool blinded,
Misguided and bewildered,
I’ve hurt so many,
The thought of forgiveness never claim their heart,
Now I know when it feels with a broken heart,
My mind and heart is cleansed,
But my actions still lingered,
Forgiveness takes time for others,
Forgiveness may never come from the majority
But God already forgiven me,
So I too can walk in His presence,
I am forgiven

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Ready to come home

O’ Lord,
I’m ready to come home,
Waiting for the day to sit by your throne,
And hear the angels sing with praise,
Without You, my life is nothing more than an empty shell,
I’m a seed with no purpose to bloom,
An body without a soul,
Lord you make me whole,
When it is my time to go,
Go ahead and take me home
There is no other place I rather be, This place here on Earth is only temporary,
I already know where I’m destined to be,
I want to be with You.

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Keep On

I’m a child of the Most High,
And I stay shining,
Even though I received cuts and gashes,
Pain in my eyes, but I don’t wear a mask,
Keep On,
I’m more than a conqueror,
So I can conquer the pains that scold me,
Harmful words never harm me,
Because I have the power,
Keep On,
I’m a flower that blooms in the spring,
And though as seasons change,
And other flowers dies,
I’m still alive with a full bloom,
Cuz Gods grace allow me,
Keep On,
I’m not ashamed Romans 1:16,
Keep On,
Psalms 23,
Keep On,
God is my insurance and I have full coverage,
Jesus already paid for me,
So I’m good, I’m free,
Keep On,
I’m no longer stuck on the present,
But now more into the future,
My future is looking brighter than ever,
As long as God is with me,
And I have the determination,
I won’t be defeated.
I want to be that example,
I want to show you, that even you can keep on,
No more looking back,
I must Keep On…

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I see you, but you can’t see me,
I say hi, but you look right through me,
I tried to fit in within the crowd, but it feels like I don’t exist,
Amongst the presence, I’m nothing more but a ghost,
You act like I’m never here,
Misunderstood, my mind is driven
to the edge,
searching for peace in mind,
but my heart still aches,
because nobody took the time to understand or how much did it takes,
to be like you, and you, and you!!
Yet, I still feel like I’m forgotten…
also misunderstood,
I feel like I’ve wasted my time,
So I should disappear into the void,
and live with the other forgotten ones who traveled on this path,
I’m no longer here…..

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My Passion

"Someon to share my passion with"My Passion

My Passion burns

as I write on this paper

in my book of rhytum and love

she calms my soul as she speaks

“her” love for me had touched me deep

as I fall asleep

she is always in my dreams


touching me in ways I never felt before

and then I wake, frustrated

But she inspires me to stay true to my work

keeping it clean, but never do dirt

If she’s a drink, then I’m fully intoxicated,

because thats how I feel about “her”

She is my passion, my inspiration

to write about world that revolves around me,

and the dreams that will soon come to be,

she is my missing link,

the one person whose part of me,

and she makes me whole, completes my universe,

she’s my sunshine and my moonlight,

Every day and every night,

My passion for her runs deep

My intimacy plus the passion makes our love more romantic

and add commitment,

making a Consummate Love

It’s at the point that I just can’t live without “her”

I have to hear “her” voice before my day starts,

I’m near the phone whenever it’s “her” cloudy day,

and “her” rain drops,

Yeah, I’m in love with my passion,

And my passion is “her”

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My Name Is…

My name is…hope

Hoping that life will get better

but as I wish for the good,  life just gets worse

so much troubles in the world, I feel the peoples agony and it hurts

As I believe in God

Hope will forever be a my asset

I can speak it so well, it became part of my accent

You hear the country swagg when I speak

but I use the words of will and hope

to encourage the broken hearted and the weep

and fix the broken dreams

of each individual as I speak

Let the power of hope guide you, as it had guide me.

My name is…love

love is the greatest thing for all

but it can also be bitter

because people misinterpret the word

often misused and unguided as a slang term

People also believe that love is just a kiss which leads into a sexual intercourse

but love is deeper than that

love is a relation between 2 individuals

whose seen each other through their own visuals

and understand each other mentally and spiritually

One have a dream, while the other turns it into a reality

living under the same roof and sharing the only one true “God”

as God reveals and combine the two as one

without the other half, he or she will feel completely undone,

for those whose in love, please be advised

that love can last forever

as long you’ve been faithful and belive that God is love

and then you and your spouse can be like the “man” from above.

My name is…strength

My strength comes from the Lord

because He has provided me a shield and a sword

undergoing His training has increased my instinct

and my whereabouts, my skills will never turn into extinct

steadily polishing my skills

because someday I might make my 1st kill

as long I keep faith in God

no weapon form against me shall prosper

As I keep my head up and I’m walking tall

I see my enemies tremble and I watch them fall.

My name is something that is worth keeping,

something I struggle for and keep on believing

no matter how much hell I have to endure

God inpires me, pushes me to get the weight up

and triumphed like a champion

yes, I’m already turnt up

No need to block me

because I’m ready, I’m set, and I’m about to go,

what is my name?

My name is……..”Soul”


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